Disney Marathon Training Plan

We’re officially 18 weeks away from the Walt Disney World Marathon.  Most marathon training plans are 18 weeks long.  Basic logic tells me that I should probably start training sometime soon.

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about what my goals were going to be this time around.  I ran the Disney Marathon earlier this year and while I had fun, I wasn’t really happy with my time.  I was also really, really burnt out on running after the race.  I ran ZOOMA Florida the next weekend and had a blast, but after that it was hard to stay motivated.  If you look back at my posts, you’ll see I was still racing but my times were steadily falling and my training.. well, it wasn’t happening.

I kept hoping that I’d find some wonderful source of inspiration or motivation to get my toosh back out the door, but I haven’t.  I want to run, but that requires me to get out of my nice, cozy bed in the mornings.  That’s hard.  So then I put it off until the evening and I walk out the door and the humidity and heat smacks me in the face and I just don’t want to go.

This is my long way of saying that it has been a long summer filled with not so many runs.  And that needs to change.

I worked out a training plan (basically Hal Higdon’s, but with my fall races thrown in) and I should have been preparing to build my base milage up so that my “long run” of six miles this weekend is do-able.  I haven’t done that, I actually had quite a humbling experience at a 5K fun run this weekend where I realized just how badly out of running shape I am.

So, my plan for now is to focus on the miles and just get them done.  Once my weekly maintenance runs become easier, I’ll work on pushing the pace and see what happens.  For now though, there are no goal times on my training plan.  I’m just aiming to get them done.

Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
1 3 3 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 6 Rest
2 3 3 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 6 Rest
3 3 4 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 7 Rest
4 3 4 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 9 Rest
5 3 5 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 10 Rest
6 3 5 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 7 Rest
7 3 6 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 12 Rest
8 3 6 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 10 Rest
9 3 7 XT/Rest 4 XT/Rest 13.1 Rest
10 3 7 XT/Rest 4 XT/Rest 15 Rest
11 4 8 XT/Rest 4 XT/Rest 16 Rest
12 4 8 XT/Rest 5 XT/Rest Rest 13.1
13 4 9 XT/Rest 5 XT/Rest Rest 18.1
14 5 9 XT/Rest 5 XT/Rest 14 Rest
15 5 10 XT/Rest 5 XT/Rest 20 Rest
16 5 8 XT/Rest 4 XT/Rest 12 Rest
17 4 6 XT/Rest 3 XT/Rest 8 Rest
18 3 4 XT/Rest 2 XT/Rest Race Day! Rest


I won’t lie though, before I ran my first marathon, I had a time goal in mind of 4:30 and that’s something I still want to do.  Also, earlier this year I laid out some goals for this year and running a sub-2 half marathon was one of them. It’s still something I really want as well.  I’m not sure that either is in the cards for me this winter though.  Doubtful, but maybe.  Let’s just see if I can finish my “easy” three miler tonight before I go talking crazy about running fast!

So, if y’all could do me a favor and yell at me if you see me slacking and not sticking to my training plan, I’d really appreciate it!  Also, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a $25 Tropical Smoothie Cafe gift card!

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16 thoughts on “Disney Marathon Training Plan”

  1. This summer has made it so hard. I don’t know if it’s going to make the fall (whenever that gets here) seem easier, or what’s going to happen. Sigh.

    I’m too far away to yell, but I know you’ve got this. Eighteen weeks is plenty of time! (curls into fetal position and whimpers). And you are totally prepared on what to expect. Just get out there and log those miles and the rest will fall into place.
    Jenn recently posted…weekly recap: 8/31 – 9/6My Profile

  2. It has been so hard to run this summer – I’ve been running at 5am and it’s hardly tolerable! I’m SO looking forward to the cooler weather, it’ll make things easier!

    I began my Goofy training plan this week too – we can keep each other accountable!
    Kristen @ The Smith Summary recently posted…I’m Feeling a Little GoofyMy Profile

  3. This crazy humid summer weather makes training harder, hopefully it will leave us all soon.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Loving Lately – SeptemberMy Profile

  4. Only 18 weeks left!? I am running the WDW Marathon as well (my first). I am terrified. I am using Jeff Galloway’s plan so I started a few months ago. My goal is 4:30, but I don’t really see it happening. This summer heat is just brutal, but I hope it makes us stronger when the cooler temperatures finally arrive. Keep up the training! Fast or slow, you will run another marathon which is a great accomplishment!
    Angie recently posted…Almost Fall Racing SeasonMy Profile

    1. Crazy, right?? I feel like it is creeping up on us!

      Disney is a great first marathon, I kind of wish it was my first. I enjoyed it SO much more than I did my first one. I’m hoping running in the summer will have us in awesome shape come this fall.. I say us.. but I haven’t been running!! I’ll be out there this afternoon though :)

      And I agree — when it comes to a marathon — it doesn’t matter what your time is. The fact that you train for it and get out there and do it is amazing all on its own!

  5. Enjoy Disney and I hope you stay dry! I just wanted to stop and say Hi from a new Zooma Ambassador!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Skora running shoes & AMRAP winners!My Profile

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