Valentine’s Play Date

Unfortunately, I have to work this weekend. I hate when I have to work weekends, but I’m thankful to have a job that I enjoy, so I will try not to complain too much :)

I took a little break to head over to my friend Kimberly’s house so B could play with his little buddies and I could catch up with their mommies. Kimberly set up a really cute craft for them to do – Valentine’s Shakers. The kids all seemed to enjoy it. Although, B didn’t quite get the point of the paintbrush, instead he painted his hands with it and used his hand to paint the plate.. eh, whatever works!

We finished up and let the kiddos run around and play for a bit. I love getting together and watching them all play.

When we left Kimberly’s, it was nearly dinner time, so we headed home to pick up Adam and my parents then went to Five Guys, and for a quick train ride around the mall. B loves his trains!

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One thought on “Valentine’s Play Date”

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